Saturday, 2 April 2011

Very Vintage Wheel

Good Evening All

Better late than they say.  I've had a very busy afternoon out visiting friends, which has been lovely, this means that I have only just got around to posting this morning's craft class makes.

We made a card and a gift.  For those that needed a mothers day gift it was perfect and for those who were organised enough for tomorrow's occasion, they have chosen to use their's as thank you or birthday cards and gifts.  We did a candle today, something my crafting ladies had not tried before and using the very vintage wheel was just perfect for a matching set.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

Stamp set's used: Tiny Tags
Wheel used: Vergy Vintage
Punch Used: Medium Jewelery Tag

P.S.  Pop over to my Non SU page over the next few days as I've had a few new toys to play with.


  1. Beautiful set, just perfect :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. Awesome... so CLASSY! Love the candle and the vintage card set.

    xxx Monica

  3. I love this candle and it's vintage look. I am a big fan of candles and it is no small wonder that I haven't burnt our house down yet as I always have one burning somewhere! Thanks for sharing this fab project with me xxx

  4. Lovely. Never thought of using the wheels for candles! Doh! Have just had a look at your non SU page - I love the jewellery!
    Anne x

  5. That candle looks fantastic, so elegant. xxx

  6. I love the vintage styling of this set!


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