Non SU projects gallery

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One for the boys!


Happy Easter!

Forever Friends

Thank You

Exploding Card

Fly Fishing

Is it a bird????

Beautifull Rose

It's Your Birthday


One for the kids!!

1 year old's B-Day card, for my nephew Christopher

You make my life a beautifull thing

Triangular Tri-Fold Card

Thinking of you.......friendship

Uplifting Occasion!!

Fly Fishing (class 12.10.2010)

Merry, Merry - Christmas Berry - oh ok bear!

A bit of jewelery making

Mr Snowman!

Is it working, do I pass as a bird???

Get Well Soon

A little Oriental Style

Music and Lyrics

Distressed Tag

Mmmmmmmmmm Cupcakes

Gardening Bear

A little bit vintage

A little bit of Love


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