Friday, 4 November 2011

Style Beautifull and young vermillion

Good Afternoon all

Not that good really as I have a blocked "dose" and am feeling a little deaf.................if I start shouting it's only because I cant hear myself.  Got a cold, in case you did not guess.

Unfortunately I'm not the only poorly soul at the moment which means that I'll not have a class tomorrow as we dont want everyone sharing all their germs with everyone else, we may as well all keep them to ourselves.

I thought that I'd show you one of my recent creations anyway.  Such an elegant stamp set and that gorgeous little birdie was just crying out to me from within the pages of the catalogue - so, I had to have him!

Stamp set's used: Style Beautifull and Young Vermillion
Happy Stamping


  1. So pretty and vintage. Love the base colour.

    xxx Monica

  2. Shouting is fine, I can't hear either! Does that mean I'm not invited next week then, I've always got a cold!

  3. I'd never have thought of putting these colours together, but they look gorgeous. Another super make. Hope you feel better soon. xxx


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